What happens when our id and superego win the day? It is precarious to be stretched thin and indifferent in the modern world, losing track of what’s true or genuine, losing the used to be omnipresent ego. An iridescent portal up high is an opportunity that is so vast and expansive to rediscover the good old days and regain the fervor of the outright genuineness of the heart. Though parallel universes may provide answers and glimpses of the past (an idea seriously dismissed by some scientists), an undimmed zeal of what the ego holds of the world is the ultimate portal, be it high up the clouds or beneath the eternal sky, that vouchsafes reassurance and comfort of the highest immaculacy. Granted, immaculacy of the highest quality is only literary rendition, but it still holds that upon this good earth, iridescent individuals as we be should harness both the multitudinousness of the id and superego (as expressed by the dangling legs) and the pristine nature of the ego to experience greater realms and higher spheres of life.